Custom-engineered for placing concrete where you want it. Easy to operate, maneuverable,
and quick. Ruggedly built for endurance—massive frame, turntable, axles, tires, auger.
And, because the T-630 is built in house, we guarantee parts are always available.

Low initial cost with many “standard” unexpected features. Convenient and inexpensive to
maintain, for less down-time, less aggravation. Saves you time and money on every job.

THICKER METAL THROUGHOUT to save you operating costs. Effect of abrasion is lessened, parts last much longer.

LARGER FLIGHTS (14”) for more efficient delivery. Less turns required for each yard of concrete. Thicker flights (3/8”) with hard-surfaced tips for durability.

LARGER CENTER TUBE (4 1/2” O.D.) ismore rigid to reduce wear-causing deflection.

REPLACEABLE BOLT ON TROUGH is3/16” abrasion-resistant alloy plate with 8” channel and side rails to help maintain alignment.