GRP and GRC today are making an important involvement to the technology and aesthetics of construction industry. These Environment friendly composites, with its low consumption of energy are being used to manufacture great varieties of products. It has won firm friends among Architects, Designers, Engineers, and end users for its flexible abilities to meet performance, appearance, and cost parameters.

GRC Advantages:

Lightweight – reduces loading on buildings.
Facilitates off-site rapid installation processes.
Greater tensile strength than pre-cast concrete.
Installation usually unaffected by rough weather such as cold, frost or heavy rainfall.
Class O fire rating Environment friendly.
Allows modern, futuristic designs; similarly will replicate traditional features.
Variety of colours and surface finishes.

GRP is an immensely versatile material combining lightweight with an inherent strength to provide a weather resistant fish with a variety of surface textures and an unlimited colour range.
Key Benefits

Easy Installation
Range of Designs Available

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