Emirates Façade co. at its Aluminum Division will cover Bill No. (8) In CSI listing either by in-house production or as joint venture/ Technical Corporation with worldwide reputed companies. EFCO provides various solutions for complicated design of aluminum which make our company unique than others. Our services begin with fabricating our product that reflects the Architecture drawing, then fixing onsite the product and warranty year for our product. Aluminum glazing is a product combined between the aluminum with glass that produce various products.
Our products are:

  1. Doors and Windows

    EFCO Has different types of Doors and windows which have various of material and colors. EFCO Aluminum Doors classified by their mechanism which are:

    • Hinge Door
    • Folding Door
    • Sliding Door
    • Rotating Door

    EFCO provide window with different shape and purposes that is applicable to our user. Our products are standard specification relates to CSI Listing and have a high quality.

    Types of Windows:

    • Fixed
    • Single-hung
    • Double-hung
    • Horizanetal Sliding
    • Casement
  2. Handrails

    EFCO perform different products from Aluminum alloy and one of these products is handrail which can be placed indoor and outdoor depending on the requirement of our client.Handrail has different shapes such as:

    • Picket aluminum
    • Tinted glass
    • Horizontal cables
    • Vertical cables
  3. Skylights

    For having a natural light in your home, EFCO provide skylight product which has a design upon the requirement of the project or client. There are divided upon its shape:

    • Dome
    • Pyramid
    • Octagonal
  4. Curtain walls

    Our company offers high quality technology which been used all over the world especially when dealing with towers or skyscrapers which is curtain wall. Curtain wall can be divided into:

    • Conventional curtain wall
    • Unitized curtain wall
  5. Storefront

    EFCO provides an outstanding exterior for you storefront which will attract your clients to have a look at your store. We do all kind of stores and restaurant entrances who want to have their client see their product in a wonderful way.

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