At first it was an idea to implement our knowledge and provide it to our team. Our aim is gaining and sharing experience at construction industries fields.

 In 2005, EFCO started its first division for Glazed Aluminum, and kitchen. At fast track business environment and highly fluctuated rising market, challenge was what is the suitable company size?

We chose to have unique company with effective dynamic productive units. Small enough in respect to listening to client demands, but big enough when it’s related to deliver clients’ needs. This means leading small size companies will produce high productivity and efficiency, which will handle large demands.

Therefore we started other divisions:-

1-   EFCO aluminum, glass and kitchens

2-   EFCO construction units.

3-   EFCO steel work

4-   EFCO general contracting

5-   EFCO technical services

Combining our work philosophy, engineering knowledge and practical experience; will end up to having a successful Business and satisfied customers.  Each division handles multi related activates.

EFCO group is not yet completed, we continue growing with our international partnership and enjoying our work. Moreover, we really take into concern clients’ reaction and feedback. By this we keep exploring new horizon till we provide complete in-house turnkey solutions.

Completed Projects